30 May – 1 June 2018.
Csorba Győző Library
Transdanubial Regional Library and Knowledge Centre

Csorba Győző Library provides the highest level of public library services in Baranya county. As Baranya Network Centre, besides the public libraries, organizes its work with library-information points in the settlements and with two bibliobuses. It provides training for librarians and users of the network and takes part in library supplying of ethnic population. In certain fields of study (music, literature, art, ethnography) the institution does the task of reference libraries. Through its services and programs the library increases the knowledge of the county population with high level of professionalism. The library supports lifelong learning and strengthens the cultural and social life of these communities.

The main goal of the international meeting is to establish a strong partnership between Csorba Győző Library and the libraries of Pécs’s twin towns that possess bibliobuses, and to invite the library’s partners at least in every second year to a meeting to the city of Pécs that has a 2000 years long cultural history and was the European Capital of Culture in 2010.

The library, as the host of the event, would like to show how the new, modern library services and spaces, and the Hungarian bibliobuses have been functioning and providing library service since the start in 2010. The library also holds a conference during the program where the participants can learn how the European bibliobus services work.

During the three-day long meeting the invited guests can get to know each other’s best practices and research results by the introduction of the Hungarian and international partners.

Further aim of the program is to establish long-term cooperation.

In accordance with the existing cultural law Csorba Győző Library provides library and public educational services in 283 settlements which means there is no unprovided settlement in Baranya county at the moment.

In 2017 Csorba Győző Library organized 228 cultural events in 57 different settlements in Baranya with two bibliobuses realizing four events each settlement in the framework of Baranya Library Support Service System.

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